God’s Word Is Real Medicine


Proverbs 4:20-22 says:

“My son, give attention to my words; incline thine ear unto my sayings. Let them not depart from thine eyes; keep them in the midst of thine heart. For they are life to those who find them and health to their whole body.”

And Psalm 107:20 says, “He sent His Word and healed them.”

The truth contained in these two scriptures is profound and exciting. There really is a medicine that is so powerful, so efficacious, so unlimited in its scope that it can cure any and every physical and mental malady known to man.  And it’s found in God’s own medicine chest: The Bible. That’s right: our dear Great Physician does not need a pharmacy. He has created His own medicine — one which carries absolutely no negative side effects, no expiration date, and no bill at the end of the treatment. God’s medicine is His very own Word.

Let’s look again at the passage from Proverbs chapter four: The Hebrew word translated health here is also the Hebrew word for medicine. So we have a promise here that the very words spoken by God will work on our flesh like physical medicine. I once heard a minister giving testimony of how he became convinced that God had made provision for healing His people. He said that this one Scripture did the most to help him, because it was one healing Scripture that no one could spiritualize by insisting that it did not refer to physical healing. And, in fact, that man, who became known throughout the world for his healing and deliverance ministry, went on to apply the Word of God as a medicine to his own body for a horrible condition that doctors said they could not cure. He was totally healed by God’s Word.

The Word of God is able to change our flesh, of course, because it was that very Word that created the matter out of which our flesh is made. Hebrews 11:3 makes that point clear: “Through faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the Word of God, so that things which are seen were not made by things which do appear.” So the physical clay (or dust) from which God formed our physical bodies came out of the Word of God. Then Hebrews  4:12 says: “The Word of God is living and active, sharper than any two-edged sword, and piercing as far as the division of soul and spirit, of both joints and morrow …”

How interesting that it enters into the very morrow of our body. That is the root source of our blood cell production. Can you see that the Word in the very manufacturing center of a human body can completely remake that whole body?

How do we get it to work? The more we study the Word, meditate on it, and speak it out of our mouth, the more it works Its way into our whole system, producing Its life there. However, when we are facing a specific physical problem, we can take doses of this priceless medicine just like we do a prescription from a human doctor. I have done this so often and know of numerous testimonies of other believers who have done the same. Taking the Word of God as medicine has cured migraine headaches, kidney infections, paralysis from strokes, broken bones, cancer, tuberculosis, mental deficiencies, and multitudes of other illnesses of body and soul.

Find the healing Scriptures that relate to your particular malady, or the ones that speak particularly to your heart, and begin to read them or speak them to your body. Put your own name into them. You may need to take a dose three or four times a day. In a particularly critical case, I have known believers to read their Scriptures every fifteen minutes for several days.

Dr. Lillian B. Yeomans, a medical doctor who gave up her regular medical practice in order to devote her life to preaching the Gospel and getting people healed only by the power and the Word of God, tells of a lady with tuberculosis who received healing under her ministry. Dr. Yeomans and her sister had a healing home where they took in four seriously ill people at a time. They ministered to them by reading the Word of God as medicine and praying for them. When the tubercular woman came to them, Dr. Yeomans says that she was literally at death’s door. But Dr. Yeomans began reading her the Word of God as medicine and, as the woman gained a little strength, Dr. Yeomans had her read the scriptures to her own body and repeat them throughout the day constantly for several days. Now this woman was without faith for herself, and it took her a while to get enough Word into her spirit for it to create faith there, but it did happen, and suddenly, one day, the reality of her healing exploded in her heart, and she jumped from her bed completely healed.

Probably the most precious testimony from my own life in this regard concerns a time when my husband was experiencing some very alarming physical problems. One day he suddenly began having severe chest pain and feeling extremely weak and sleepy. By the next day, he could hardly stay awake at all, and when he was awake, his speech was sluggish and slurred. He knew God as healer, and he didn’t want to turn his case over to the medical community. He wanted us to trust the Lord. I prayed and called on several other believers for agreeing prayer. The symptoms persisted, and Richard lay in bed, almost constantly asleep. He was unable to stay up and alert for any lengthy periods.

As I sat beside his bed on the worst day, praying and speaking the Word, the Lord quickened to me His Word from Psalm 118: 16-17. I grasped it like a life preserver, which it was. I put Richard’s name into the Scripture and began to speak it to him: “The right hand of the Lord does valiantly. Richard shall not die, but live, and tell of the works of the Lord.” I realized that this one verse had everything in it that he needed at the time. It covered his need for life to drive out death, which was obviously at work, and his need for complete restoration of his speaking faculties.

I spoke that Word to him consistently throughout the day, whether he was waking or sleeping. I sat beside the bed for long periods of time, speaking it over and over and over. By the next day, he showed definite improvement. I continued to speak God’s Word, and he continued to improve. By the following week, he was back to normal and has never had a recurrence of the problem in the six years since that time.

One of the most rapid healings I ever received personally by applying the Word as medicine was for an abscessed tooth. When I awoke early one morning to prepare to go teach school, I noticed a severe pain in and around a broken tooth in my upper right jaw. I couldn’t stand to eat on it, so I had something warm to drink, took a dose of the most potent pain killer I could buy over the counter, and went on to work. I also took along a bottle of medication to apply topically to my tooth and gums. You may ask, “Didn’t you pray?” Yes, I did pray, but it was more or less on the run. I was blessed to be teaching in a Christian school, so I asked for prayer at work also. This was one of those times when the answer was taking a period of time to manifest, and it’s times like that when using the Word of God as medicine is especially helpful.

However, by the time my first class was over, the pain was going all over my jaw, up the whole right side of my head, and part way down my neck. It was the most excruciating, indescribable pain I’ve ever experienced. I applied and reapplied the topical medication, with no appreciable benefit at all. I took a second dose of painkiller as soon as the time limit on the bottle would allow – again with no effect. By 11:30 that morning, the pain had become so debilitating that I could no longer function at work, so I went home – barely able to concentrate on my driving. I had the definite conviction in my heart that if I could just close myself away with the Word of God for a while, I would receive my healing.

My husband and a friend were working on the television antenna when I arrived home. Aware of the oddity of my coming home at that time of day, my husband followed me into the house to see what was wrong. As I told him, I was already getting into bed and putting a tape of healing Scriptures into the tape recorder on my nightstand. He prayed for me briefly and went back outside to finish his work. I turned on the tape of healing Scriptures and began to let my spirit and body absorb their medicine. I fell asleep listening to the Word. I awoke about an hour later with all of the pain completely gone. I was able to eat on that tooth and do whatever I liked, totally free from pain. The Word of God had done what God had sent it to do.

A few years after that, my husband, Richard, broke his hip, and it was not healing properly. For a period of three or four months, the doctors could see no indication of improvement in the bones at all. The orthopedic surgeon said tests indicated the bones were failing to get proper blood supply, due to other tissue damage caused by the break. He told us that problem was common with that type of break and usually resulted in the need for a complete hip replacement.

But we faithfully spoke the Word of God to those bones and blood vessels. We took Scriptures of healing, especially some relating specifically to bones, and applied them in faith for months. We also prayed, of course, and many strong believers in our church and family also prayed for us faithfully. The enemy tried to discourage us. He tried to convince us that after so much time had passed, even God’s Word would not cause healing to begin again.

But, dear Christian, the devil is a liar, and God is faithful to His Word. That holy medicine worked itself into my husband’s bones and produced healing. All of a sudden, those bones began to knit together properly by the power of God, and in every examination that followed, the doctor was able to report that he saw no indication of problems with the blood supply to those bones. (Knowing that this was one of those times when Richard and I felt the need for some human medical help also, the Lord had graciously led us to a doctor who continually encouraged us to keep praying and believing God for our miracle. He knew also that the outcome lay in God’s hands alone.) It was sweet victory when the doctor was able to look at the x-rays and tell Richard that his hip was completely healed. In fact, he added, “I can’t even see the fracture line, and we can always see the line even after the bone is healed.” He was amazed — because our God is amazing.

And let’s not neglect to recognize that God’s Word is not limited to healing physical illnesses. It works just as well on mental and emotional problems. Many are the testimonies I’ve been privileged to read from people who learned that taking God’s Word as medicine literally changed the way their minds functioned and changed their emotional stability and resulting behavior. Sometimes those problems are totally mental and emotional, and sometimes they have a physical component as well. Alzheimer’s disease, for example is primarily physical, but affects the mental and emotional functions. One woman from Tulsa, OK shared that after she was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and had been forced to give up her job and her independent living,  she began to focus her attention day and night on God’s Word as medicine. When she felt too weak to stay in the Word herself, her daughter and son-in-law read it to her, and she also played scriptures on tapes. Within a few months, she began to improve dramatically, and within the year she was so well that she returned to living on her own and holding down a regular job again.

Reverend Joe Jordon, from Riverside, CA, has written a book on the subject of God’s Word as medicine, (Prescription for Healing), and in that book he cites the testimonies of two separate teachers in two separate Christian schools. One teacher taught emotionally disturbed and psychotic children. The other taught a class of children with learning disabilities. During one particular school year, both teachers read the healing scriptures to their classes every single day and had the children repeat those scriptures and take them personally. Probably most of those kids did not even realize what was happening at the time. But eventually, their parents saw so much improvement in their children that they began calling the schools to report the improvement and to find out what was happening. By the end of the year, the teacher of the children who had been termed “slow learners” stated that most of the children in that class could not be labeled that way any longer.

Another very encouraging testimony of healing through application of the Word concerns a friend of mine who is a praise and worship leader at a full gospel church. It’s of significant interest to me that the Lord used “singing” of His medicine, rather than mere “reading” of it to bring about her healing. She had been having problems with high blood pressure. She went to the doctor, who put her on medication, but it just wouldn’t bring the pressure down. Finally the doctor decided to send her to the local hospital for a special shot that would make her pressure go down rapidly. For a few minutes after she had taken the shot, everything seemed to be all right, and the nurse left her alone to rest a few minutes before going home. Suddenly she began having an allergic reaction to the drug in the shot. Her left arm became numb. Then her heart began to pound as if it would come out of her body.

By the time her daughter had brought the nurse and doctor to the room, my friend’s whole body was completely out of control. She said that her mind still worked, but all it would do was tell her she was going to die. She was able to speak periodically to the doctor at first, but finally even speaking became more than she could handle. She could hear the nurse talking to her daughter about a rash that had broken out on her body, and she could tell that they were hooking her up to some monitoring devices. The other thing she could understand was that the doctor himself was very alarmed, and, naturally, fear began to work on her too.

Her daughter had called other believers to pray, and, before long, my friend’s pastor came in. She was still in this crisis situation and said that, by this time, she could not communicate at all and could feel herself sinking farther and farther down. Her pastor walked to her bedside, laid his hand on her head, and began singing the Word from Isaiah 60:1: “Arise, shine, for thy light is come, and the glory of the Lord is risen upon thee.”

She said he sang this song over and over and over, and as he did, she could feel her spirit respond. Her own description was, “I could feel myself being drawn back up, up, up.” She said she was so aware that the power in that Scripture song was what was drawing her back to normalcy that she kept thinking, “Don’t stop. Don’t stop singing.” Her faithful pastor, led by God, kept singing for quite some time, and everything in her body gradually came back to normal. The pastor himself later related that he had never been led to minister in just that way before, but all he felt to do was to sing her that Word. That precious Word! It heals and brings life when nothing else can!

Dear sick one, if we will be as faithful to apply God’s medicine to our physical bodies as we are to apply prescriptions from a human doctor, we will get the most wonderful results. Even people who aren’t sure they really believe have found that by applying the Word with an honest heart, the faith has been created in them by the Word itself, and then the physical results come. So open up God’s Medicine Chest. Read the Word. Sing it. Play it on tape. Have others read it to you. Use any or all methods of getting this divine medicine into your being. For whatever the diagnosis, this precious Word is the cure.


(This article includes excerpts from Chapter Four of Healing Is For You! by Sandra Conner)


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