I’m Sandra Pavloff Conner, and I am the founder and director of Radical About Jesus Ministries.  I’ve had the privilege of serving the Lord in active ministry for over 50 years. I came to the Lord as a child and wanted to be used by Him even in my very young years. Then He baptized me in His Holy Spirit in 1975 (exactly 44 years ago this month), and that experience took my work for Him to a whole new level.

During these 50 plus years, He’s used me to teach and preach His Word, play music and direct choirs, minister to people in the gifts of the Holy Spirit, counsel hurting and troubled individuals and families, write many books and articles that promote the truths of the Gospel, and create teaching videos to help share those same truths. It’s been an amazing journey with the Lord, and I don’t think it’s anywhere near over yet. In fact, He’s just been leading me the last couple months into a new season, with some new responsibilities.

For many years, my husband and I ministered together — until he went on home to be with the Lord. Since that time, the Lord has called several other believers to come alongside and help with the work. The primary focus of all of our ministry is Jesus Christ. We teach and preach the full gospel message, including Jesus as savior from sin, healer and deliverer for our bodies, baptizer in the Holy Spirit, and soon-returning King. We believe that His Spirit and all the ministry gifts described in Romans chapter 12 are still for the church today, and we believe that Jesus is still exactly the same God for everyone who calls out to Him today as He was when He walked on the earth. All of our teaching, in both the written and the spoken word, is focused on making that truth crystal clear.

One of my greatest pleasures over the past 8 years has been to share His Word and His love via the Internet. I’ve created several blogs, some specifically for ministry, and some for more personal or job-related purposes, but all of them offering a platform from which I have been able to share much that is Godly and life-enhancing.

My first ministry website was called “Hangin’ Out With God.”  We are currently in the process of transferring most of the material on that site to this new one, and “Hangin’ Out” will eventually be put to bed, so to speak. We hope our followers from that site will move with us to our new home on this site.

If you’d like to know more about some of my other online sites, you can find three of them at the following links:

My Author’s Website

Healing From Jesus Website 

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