Radical About Jesus Ministries

Interpreting every scripture through Jesus Christ
Pulling down strongholds
Casting down imaginations
Setting captives free by the Power of God


Our mission is to tell the world that, in Jesus Christ, God has forgiven their sins, provided healing for their bodies, and offered them life with Him for eternity. Just as Jesus Christ went everywhere teaching, preaching, and healing, it is our purpose to do likewise. In that purpose we endeavor both to reach those who do not yet know Jesus and to embrace, encourage, and exhort those who do know Him, so that they will grow even stronger in the knowledge and grace of the Lord.

We purpose to carry out this mission through three primary works:

  1. Teaching the Word of God in Bible classes, seminars, healing schools, prayer schools, and Christian church services.

  2. Holding spirit-filled meetings in which the Word of God goes forth, and the Holy Spirit is allowed to minister by His gifts and anointing, through personal prayer and counseling of individuals in attendance.

  3. Publishing written and audio materials that carry the same messages of our instructional classes and church services.

Radical About Jesus Ministries is not a 501 c 3, tax-exempt ministry. We operate as an independent organization, under the direction of an advisory board, and receive no tax benefits from any government agency – thereby ensuring that those agencies cannot interfere with our propagation of the Gospel in any manner that we believe is the Lord’s directions to us. All donations made to Radical About Jesus Ministries are used for the furtherance of the Gospel message as per our mission statement described above.