God Will Make A Way


God will make a way
Where there seems to be no way.
He works in ways we cannot see.
He will make a way for me.

He will be my guide,
Hold me closely to His side.
With love and strength for each new day,
He will make a way;
He will make a way.”

(Worship lyrics by Don Moen)

God will make a way for you to be healed. There is no such thing as God not providing healing for His people who turn to Him in trust. Many times, however, due to our own lack of complete knowledge of His Word, or our lack of complete submission to Him – and then our lack of faith that results from either of those two situations – we fail to receive that healing. That problem can be remedied, but in order to fix the situation, we must clearly differentiate between God’s doing His part and our doing our part.

God has never failed to grant healing to anyone who asked for it in faith, in the name of Jesus Christ, and with a pure heart. Jesus never turned down one single person who came to Him for healing, and He is the same yesterday, today, and forever. (Heb. 13:8). That being the case, we must never accuse Him of refusing healing. And, in truth, He cannot refuse, because 2 Corinthians 1:20 tells us that every promise that God ever made has already been answered ‘Yes’ in Jesus. So He cannot go back on that promise now. In fact, Isaiah 53:4-5, Matthew 8: 16-17, 1 Peter 2:24, and Galatians 3:13 all tell us that the work of healing and deliverance from every part of the curse of the broken law has been accomplished and completed. Your healing is already in existence and waiting for you.

So how do we get to it? That’s where we need guidance into the right path. God has made so many avenues available to us for accessing His healing. He responds to our own personal prayer of faith, agreement in prayer between two people on earth, laying on of hands, anointing with oil, our partaking of the Lord’s supper, the many gifts of healing, casting out demons (demonic spirits of infirmity), and praise and worship. Those are all ways in which He is willing and able to work independently of man’s system of medical science in order to put healing into our bodies and minds. Then God is also willing to work with us in combination with medical science if that is where the level of our faith is. He will move gladly and powerfully to bless doctors and medicines for good work in our bodies.

However, it is important to remember that God is a great believer in man’s free will, and He will not overstep the personal will of medical people to force them to do things totally against their will. So we need to bear in mind that when using medical science, we could also be limiting God’s hand by allowing physicians and drug companies to dictate what we do rather than the Word of God. That’s why it is important to pray and get wisdom and direction from the Lord when choosing a doctor or a medication. And, ultimately, we must be careful not to put more trust in those doctors and medicines than we do in God’s own Word. Should there ever be serious disagreement between man’s system of medicine and God’s Word, we must choose to side with God’s Word only.

Now siding with God’s Word is particularly crucial when we hear a doctor say that there is no way for us to be healed. We must refuse and reject that mindset completely if we want to free God’s hand to work for us. We must not believe the doctor when he tells us that there is “no hope” for recovery or that the disease or situation we have is “impossible” to cure. When a physician says such things, all he is really saying is that he personally does not know how to cure us. And if a dozen doctors tell us the same thing, then they are saying the human medical personnel have not figured out how to cure that problem yet. But, dear sick one, that does not mean there is no cure. Jesus Christ is the cure, and He finished the work thousands of years ago.

And just think: even throughout Old Testament years, God’s people received healing when they turned to God for it and obeyed His Word, and that blessing was based on their faith in only the PROMISE of healing – not the completed work. We now have a completed promise in Jesus’ completed work.

So quit looking at a man-made diagnosis or prognosis. Instead look at God’s prognosis: “We are healed by the stripes of Jesus.” When Hezekiah was king of Judah, his nation was surrounded by three great enemy armies, and the king of one those nations sent him a threatening letter. It would have been enough to frighten almost any leader because it recounted all the nations these armies had successfully defeated and subdued.

The situation looked absolutely hopeless, but Hezekiah took the letter (the report) and went into the temple and laid it before the Lord, calling on Him to save them. After he prayed, the prophet Isaiah was sent to Hezekiah to give him God’s report: he announced that the Lord would defeat the enemy armies and that not one arrow shot toward Hezekiah’s people would even land in the city. Hezekiah turned his face from that bad report and looked at God’s report instead, and God gave them a mighty victory by sending an angel to destroy the thousands of enemy soldiers during the night. (2 Kings 19).

Another time, Hezekiah was so sick that even the prophet told him that he would die. There was no hope. But again Hezekiah turned his face from that hopeless situation and looked to God alone, crying out to him for mercy and a longer life. God heard Hezekiah’s prayer – not because Hezekiah was so good – but because he put all of his trust in God’s mercy and faithfulness. God healed Hezekiah, and gave him 15 more years of life. (2 Kings, 20).

The list of others who faced totally “hopeless, incurable” situations and diseases is exceedingly long. And every one of them received deliverance and healing from the Lord. God’s Word is full of such examples, and of God’s faithfulness to prove that nothing is impossible with Him. You can get into the Word and meet these people for yourself, or if you already know about them, you can read their testimonies again and let them create new faith in you.

And, in fact, dear sick one, you must get into that Word and read these passages for yourself, because if we are going to put our trust in the Lord and His Word for our healing, we have to KNOW His Word and believe it. If you find yourself in a position of not believing His Word, then your solution is to get into that Word, with an open, honest heart, and read it and absorb it until it has created faith in you. It will create faith, because God tells us that faith comes from the Word of God. (Romans 10:17).

Moreover, it’s that Word that reveals to us many avenues to receiving healing from the Lord. God’s Word offers us the avenues of personal prayer, agreement with others, anointing with oil, partaking of the Lord’s Supper, praying for others, and numerous other acts of faith what will help us receive our healing from Him. We must each feed on that Word and give God time and attention so he can lead us — through His Word — to the best pathway for each of  us at any given time. And, in fact, our Radical About Jesus YouTube channel has video lessons on many of those pathways to healing that you may find helpful as well.

Now, before I leave you to study that Word on your own, let me also point you to Psalm 25. In that one Psalm alone, there are several passages that tell us clearly that God wants to make HIS WAY into all good things known to us. Let’s look at all the encouragement in this one Psalm:

Verses 4-5: “Make me know Thy WAYS, O Lord: Teach me Thy PATHS. Lead me in Thy truth and teach me, For Thou art the God of my salvation.”

Verses 8-9: “Good and upright is the Lord; Therefore He instructs sinners in the WAY. He leads the humble in justice, and He teaches the humble His WAY.”

Verse 10: “All the PATHS of the Lord are lovingkindness and truth to those who keep His covenant and His testimonies.

Verse 12: “Who is the man who fears the Lord? He will instruct him in the WAY he should choose.”

And remember, beloved reader: Jesus Himself, who is the same yesterday, today, and forever, tells us in John 14: 6, “I am the WAY, the truth, and the life.” The path (the way) to everything good that God has for us is provided by Jesus. Set your eyes, your mind, and your whole heart on Jesus, and He will show you the WAY that you can be healed.


Sandra Conner/Radical About Jesus Ministries


8 thoughts on “God Will Make A Way

  1. I agree about 99%, but what if it IS our time to be called home? I know we don’t know that, but we can’t demand healing when He has other plans for us. Yes, we keep praying that we may be healed.


    1. I appreciate your asking that question on here because I know a lot of people have the same question. Unfortunately, the answer to that question is rather involved. I have a pretty elaborate teaching on it if you’d like for me to e-mail you the material, but the shorter version I can put here.

      To begin with, the Lord’s Word states specifically, in multiple places, that His will is for us to have a long and satisfying life. So anyone who dies before he’s lived a reasonably long time, is not dying in the will of God. Moreover, the Word tells us in multiple places that we can add years to our lives by doing specific things — most of the time it has to do with what we are saying our of our mouths. So that means God has not ordained a specific time for each of us to die, and it’s going to happen, no matter what. If He says we can add years, then we can add years, and He isn’t puling the strings.

      I think a lot of the problem comes when people think that God gets His own way about everything on the earth, but the Bible is very clear that God does not get His own way. Again, in the longer lesson that I do at the healing schools, there are multiple examples I can give, but to just mention two: God wants everyone to be saved, but He isn’t getting His way about it now — nor will He get His way about it for eternity. Then Jesus wanted to heal and work miracles for the people in His own hometown — just like He did elsewhere, but the Word says He COULD NOT do the work there and it was because of the people and their unbelief. When God chose to make covenant with the human race, He did so by His own sovereign decision. That means He chose to limit Himself to doing what He could get man to cooperate with Him in. The Word also says He chose specific men to do specific jobs for His kingdom because He foreknew that they would work with Him and not against Him. So His ultimate plan of salvation will come to pass as His Word says. But as He gets that plan fulfilled, He’s limited in specific areas by man — but that was God’s choice to do it that way.

      So a lot of people do die with illness when it is not God’s will for them to die. There are multiple reasons for that, and again, in my book on healing, I discuss these in much detail. But the reason is never that God didn’t want them to live a full life. And the scripture that talks about living to 70 or 80 is not talking about the new covenant man’s length of life at all. It’s simply Moses’ description of how the nation of Israel was dropping dead in the wilderness at 70 or 80 because they had refused to go into the promised land and had rebelled against God and said “We will die out here in the wilderness.” Got told them, “You will have what you have said our of your mouth.”

      So there’s just so much involved in the answer to the question, but a thorough study of the Word reveals a whole lot that our churches have not been teaching us over the past several generations.

      Add to that the fact that people do not have to be sick to die. Many great saints of God have crossed over to the other side by God just releasing their spirit from their bodies and letting them leave the earth. The Word says clearly in Deuteronomy 28 that every sickness and disease is part of the curse of the law, and Galatians says that Jesus redeemed us from that curse completely. So God is not the one assigning sickness to people or using sickness to take His people home. He says it’s a curse — not a blessing or an instrument that He uses.

      If we’re going to say that we believe Jesus is the exact representation of God and that He meant what He said when He said, “I do only the Father’s will,” then we have to realize that it was the “Father’s will” to heal every single person who ever asked Jesus for healing. If Jesus showed us every single person being healed — when they came to Him for healing — then we cannot believe that it’s ever the Father’s will for any sick person who comes for healing not to be healed. If the Father wills that some sick people never get well, then Jesus didn’t tell us the truth. He was not showing us the Father’s whole will if He never left anyone sick who asked for healing. So God’s will is never for anyone to fail to receive their healing. If they want to go on home — or He wants them to come home — that can be accomplished easily without any disease in their bodies.

      Now that doesn’t mean that we may not face demonic persecution for out faith, and there are definitely times when people have been willing to die for their faith. But that’s a decision that they make to take a stand for the Lord in spite of anything. It is not a disease that destroys their bodies.

      This “short” answer is pretty long, but I don’t know how to say these things any shorter. And, of course, there are a lot of people who choose not to believe what I’m sharing. Their church doctrines have taught them differently for generations, and they choose to stick with those doctrines. That’s their privilege, of course, But the simple truth is that a thorough study of God’s whole Word, with a pure and open heart, reveals the truth of what I’m sharing here.

      Hopefully, this material will help a little to answer the question in your comment. I’ll be glad to e-mail you the chapter from my book on living a long life, or if you want to get the whole book, which adds considerably more scriptural verification, it’s on Amazon with my others. I’ve had the book available on here to read free, but it’s not posted right now because I’m trying to get the updated fourth edition posted. But it will be back on here by next week. So if you want to just wait and read it here, that’s great too.

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  2. I’ve know what your are saying, yet, I believe a bit differently about parts of what you are teaching, and it hasn’t affected our friendship. I’ll check it out when I comes on line. Yes, Jesus healed everyone who came to him, or was brought to Him. He is God and also, He was in His human flesh and needed to vindicate that He is God.
    I know there are churches that teach “Name It And Claim It” which is totally wrong. We can not tell God what to do. We can ask, but sometimes He says no because we ask amiss. He may have something even better for us. So, I guess that is why I am a bit hesitant to insist that God heals me or keeps me alive. Our lives are in His hands to with as He pleases. (My short answer)


    1. I have many friends who believe differently from the way I believe, but I still consider them good friends. I have a number of family members who believe differently too. And I don’t bother trying to convince them of anything. If the Word doesn’t convince them, I certainly can’t. But, of course, if I believe the Lord has given me the revelation that I have, then I can’t let friendships or family relationships keep me from teaching what I believe is truth. Everyone has to decide for himself how much he believes, and everyone has to answer to the Lord for what he believes. I put out what the Lord gives me because I know I’ll answer to Him for teaching it — or not teaching it. But I don’t get mad at people who don’t receive it. That’s between them and God.

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      1. Even scholars differ on God’s Word. When we all get to heaven, we will probably find that we were mostly correct, but wrong on a few things. Then we will not even need the Bible, because we will be with the One who gave it.
        As for family, we have more of our fair share of differences. Mainly, most of us know the Lord as Savior, and that is the main thing. Without that, well, you know those consequences. Not good. Unfortunately, there are still a few who haven’t accepted the Lord yet.


      2. I will add one thing more just for clarification, mainly for the sake of others who read these comments. You mentioned “demanding” things of the Lord and “insisting” He do things, but I hope you understand that I’m not saying we should “demand” something from Him. What I’m saying is that I see from the Word that He has already provided these things and told us to “take” them. So I’m talking about “receiving” them and refusing to let the devil or the unbelief that comes into us from the world keep us from receiving. There’s a big difference in “demanding” and “taking” what is offered. The scripture says the “violent take the kingdom of God by force” and sometimes receiving anything by faith, in the midst of a world that says it’s all a lie, is a battle. There is a “fight of faith,” and we can’t be hesitant or doubtful about God’s promises if we would receive them fulfilled.

        About healing specifically, I’m simply saying that the Word is full of God telling us that He has already provided healing and wants us to have it, but there’s not one scripture anywhere in the new testament that says He doesn’t want us well. Some theologians have tired to make Paul’s thorn in the flesh into a disease, but Paul is crystal clear when he tells us it was a demonic spirit, and the use of that term “thorn in the flesh” has multiple scriptural precedents, which always refer to beings, but never to sickness. So people who believe the interpretation that it’s a sickness are believing some theologians’ personal opinions, with no scriptural support from any place else in the Word of God — and indicating action totally contrary to the actions of Jesus. I’m basing what I believe on the exact words and actions of Jesus, and encouraging people to be willing to fight against all manner of unbelief in order to lay hold of what He offers because He’s still exactly the same today. He healed multitudes, and according to the Word, most of those times it was because of His “compassion,” and then He often told people not to tell anyone — so it wasn’t just to prove His deity. If proving His deity were the only purpose, unrelated to the people’s faith, then He wouldn’t have failed to be able to work miracles in Nazareth. If He NEVER said “No” or never said “It’s not my will” or never said, “I won’t heal you because it’s time for you to die” — and He said everything we saw and heard from Him was the Father’s perfect will — then we need to believe Him and know that we can “count on” Him to be the same today as yesterday.

        The World — and a lot of Christians — tell us God may not want us well — but they have absolutely no new testament scripture or examples from Jesus to back up that belief. They see that some people don’t get healed, so they base their doctrine and belief on what they “see in the world,” — not on God’s actual Word. On the other hand, we have multitudes of scriptures, in both old and new testaments — and Jesus’ every word and action concerning healing — that tell us He always wants us healed. So I’m not talking about “insisting” on God doing something He doesn’t want to do. It seems to me that He is the one who’s “insisting” and I’m just encouraging people to agree with Him in it and hold onto His actual Word until they receive it.

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  3. Thanks. You do a marvelous job of putting in layman’s language the reality meaning truth of God’s Word. Truth is truth.


    1. Thank you. I’ve spent more than 40 years earnestly and prayerfully studying God’s Word on the subject of healing, and one thing I’ve learned during that time is that God intends for it to be simple and easy to understand. and receive. Men and their efforts to create their own doctrines have made it difficult and kept people from being able to truly believe and receive what the Lord suffered horribly to pay for and provide for us. It’s my constant prayer that the Lord will help people to throw out men’s doctrines and focus on and trust in His own Word alone.


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