Simple Faith


Why not simplify your life and accept Jesus? He came to bring us healing, hope, and victory for life on this earth — and to give us a gloriously happy eternity with Him and the Father God. All we have to do is accept Him into our hearts. But He said we have to do it as a little child would.

When someone offers a little child a gift, that child doesn’t stop and try to work at making himself into a better person so that he’s “worthy” to receive that gift. No. A little child will just reach out his hand and grasp the cookie, the doll, the toy truck. Offer a little child a Teddy bear, and he’ll not say, “No. I’m not good enough yet to get a Teddy bear.” On the contrary, he’ll reach out immediately, grab it from our hand, and hug it tightly to himself.

So why do adults have the idea that when Jesus offers us Himself and all that He did to change our lives for eternity, He’s going to hold it all back until we clean ourselves up and get ourselves in good enough shape to “deserve” Him and His gifts? We’re never going to deserve Jesus. But if we’ll be like a child and just reach out and grasp Him, and hug Him tightly to our hearts, we’ll have all we need for this life and for eternity.

Faith is really very simple.





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