New Connection for Christian Bloggers

MULTI-COLOR CROSSHey, folks, I have some great news to report. Lee, from over at Lee’s Birdwatching Adventures Plus, and I have created a brand new group on MEWE just for Christian bloggers. If you’re not familiar with MEWE, it’s a social media platform like FB, except without the ads, the tracking, and the ‘politically correct’ censorship (at least that’s the claim, and so far it seems accurate).

Anyway, we both have personal pages on MEWE, and we thought it would be great if we had a group page where Christian bloggers can connect and post articles from their blogs or websites — as well as links back to those sites so more people can get to know about them.

It’s for Christians bloggers, but that doesn’t mean that every post on your site has to be about the Bible. It just means that your purpose in blogging at that site is to give glory to Jesus Christ and to post things that will be pleasing to Him and that will encourage others who love Him — or others who need Him.

If you’d like to be a part of that group, just follow the link below and click to apply for membership. There’s only two questions to answer, and you can start posting and connecting with other Christian bloggers who are also out there looking for people like us.  🙂






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